Senior Research Scientist

Company Name:
Thomson Reuters (Scientific) LLC
Responsible for the delivery and scientific leadership for bioinformatics projects related to molecular biology, disease biology, drug development and related disciplines. Provide bioinformatics consultations to clients, recommend solutions and determine computational strategies based on the clients large molecular datasets and research needs. Communicate research results through bioinformatics project reports including introduction, results, discussion, conclusions and recommendations for further research; communicate results through scientific publications. Analyze genomic, gene expression, proteomic, metabolomic and other large molecular datasets using biostatistics and bioinformatics techniques and knowledge on pathways and processes involved in cancer and other diseases: apoptosis, cell cycle, metabolism, inflammation, adhesion, and others. Develop new software applications and customize existing algorithms to specific scientific project needs. Manage scientific collaborations with research institutions in the field of drug target identification, with a focus on target identification in neuro-oncology area. Identify drug targets using molecular network algorithms based on information from publicly accessible and proprietary databases and its integration using machine learning techniques; create target dossiers for already known targets. Design and apply algorithms to perform drug repositioning analyses using cheminformatics, bioinformatics and literature mining approaches. Identify molecular biomarkers (e.g. mutations, gene expression, and others) for cancer and other diseases using bioinformatics analysis of large molecular datasets.
Position Requirements:
Masters degree or a foreign equivalent in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology or related discipline, and 2 years of experience in computational biology.
Experience must include the following, which may be gained concurrently: 2 years of experience in general oncology, including 1 year of experience in neuro-oncology. 2 years of experience in functional analysis and biomarker identification from microarray data (identification of differentially expressed genes, enrichment analysis, WGCNA, SAM, GSEA, clustering, dynamic tree cut, meta-analysis, patient stratification). 1 year of experience in drug target identification using molecular network algorithms. 1 year of experience in comparative genomics (BLAST, sequence alignment, phylogenetic tree reconstruction, experience with tools and databases: genome browsers, Homologene, ClustalW, Muscle, Mega, Prosite, Pfam). 1 year of experience with structural bioinformatics (PDB, RasMol, CATH, Swiss PDB viewer, Swiss-Model). 2 years of experience in programming R and Perl; hands-on experience with Java and SQL. Experience with machine learning and literature mining bioinformatics tools.
Job site: 5901 Priestly Drive, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Position requires international and domestic travel 30% of the time.
To apply online, visit our website at: http://careers.thomsonreuters.com & reference Req#14002374.

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